'It Looks Pretty Good': Toomey Says Tax Bill Likely to Be Sent to Trump By Christmas
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Senator Patrick Toomey said he's "optimistic" that the House and Senate will …

There Is No "California Problem" To Fix in Tax Reform
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In recent weeks, some House Republicans have said there is a “California problem” in tax reform. They are mistaken. The Senate tax bill, which most anticipate is …

Tax Reform ‘Would Be a Boon for the IT Job Market’
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In our opinion, political uncertainty was the primary driver for the sluggish growth of the IT job market in 2017. With the passage of the tax reform bill, trillions of …

How the 2017 Tax Reform Bill Affects Your Savings
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2017 Year-End Tax Letter: Anticipating Change
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Similarly, pay the last installment of estimated state and local taxes for 2017 by December 31 rather than on the 2018 due date, or prepay real estate taxes on your home. Neither tax reform bill would repeal the itemized deduction for …

Tax tips for navigating tax reform
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Similarly, if you can accelerate deductions into 2017, you will achieve a permanent tax benefit ... The good news is that both the Senate and House tax reform bills provide relief for most businesses operating as a pass-through entity.

Does the 2017 Tax Reform Bill Help Private Schools and Hurt Public Schools?
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The 2017 tax reform bill eliminates personal deductions for state and local taxes (primary sources of public school funding), while offering tax breaks for parents who send their children to private schools. Changes proposed in the 2017 …

Manufacturing CEO survey shows record high optimism on prospect of tax reform
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