Matt Lauer Update: Connie Chung ‘Thrilled’ NBC Fired Anchor Over Sexual Harassment
International Business Times - 13d
Many people were shocked when NBC announced Matt Lauer was fired over sexual harassment ... In November, NBC released a statement revealing Lauer was let go after an employee filed a detailed complaint accusing him of …

Savannah Guthrie Talks About What It Was Really Like Finding out Matt Lauer Had Been Fired
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Matt Lauer, had been fired for sexual misconduct, it seemed unlikely that people …

On MSNBC, Kayleigh McEnany Invokes Matt Lauer to Defend Trump’s Rob Porter Comments
Mediaite - 12d
And he does not bother to mention them, acknowledge them in any way in his public statement. There seems to be a tone-deafness to that. MCENANY: I think his response was very much like the response of individuals when the Matt …

Connie Chung Addresses Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose Sexual Misconduct Firings
NTD - 11d
Veteran journalist Connie Chung gave her view on the firing of Matt Lauer and …

Connie Chung says she's been sexually harassed 'a lot' as a TV anchor
Entertainment Weekly Online on - 12d
Veteran journalist Connie Chung was “thrilled” over the firings of Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose for what ... But I, yeah, I’m sorry but that’s all I should say.” Both Lauer and Rose released statements regarding the allegations against them ...

Move Over, Matt Lauer: Dark Secrets You Never Knew About ‘Good Morning America’
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A big announcement came on the Today show in November 2017, when it was …

A hypothesis: When Trump speaks of women, he’s thinking of men
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The White House statements then spoke of shock and spousal abuse being ...

Katie Couric on Matt Lauer allegations: I had no idea
Hot Air - 7d
Asked what Matt Lauer’s most annoying habit was, Couric replied, “He pinches me on the ass a lot.” I don’t have any inside knowledge on this story but I will say that I find Couric’s statement a little hard to believe for at least two reasons.

Jill Messick, Ex-Rose McGowan Manager, Kills Herself; Family Blames Media, Harvey Weinstein
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It has thus far ended the careers of such A-Listers as Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey …

Trump, Porter, Kelly and #MeToo food for thought
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Neither by statement to the press nor by tweet has President Trump ... termination or permanent ostracism such as we have visited on John Conyers, Al Franken, …